All of us a Central Dental Group are looking forward to welcoming you back and continuing to be your partner in your oral health.

The team at Central Dental Group takes the health and safety of all our patients very serious. At this time I want to advise you that there will be changes associated with your visits. To ensure that the highest standards are maintained our office strictly follows or in some instances exceeds the infection-prevention guidelines as mandated by the Chief Medical Officer of Ontario and the Royal College of Dentists.

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Your family’s oral health not only plays a crucial role in your overall health — it can also determine your quality of life in later years. Good dental hygiene and optimal oral health doesn’t always happen on its own – you need to follow a consistent plan involving regular dental checkups with a reputed dental office. 

 While visiting the dentist every six months may not be the appointment that everyone joyfully anticipates, it’s certainly one of the most important appointments to keep. If you’ve been postponing dental appointments due to anxiety, lack of time or cost, our group strongly recommends that you contact us today. Getting your dental health regularly evaluated can prevent problems from worsening, highlight issues early and save you time and money down the line.

If you are looking for dentists who offer high quality and prompt professional care with minimal interruption to your work, you are already in the right place!


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Doug Trott, President & CEO at PriceMetrix

Dr. Jordan Soll and his staff are extremely proud of the services offered at Central Dental Group.
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*all images are actual patients of Dr. Soll