General Dentistry

General Dentistry

You deserve to feel confident in yourself and in your smile. At Central Dental Group, we do everything we can to restore your smile and improve your oral health. 

Our general dentistry services includes a wide range of treatment options for improvement of oral health, replacement of missing teeth and application of fluoride treatments and sealants. Our oral cancer screening in Toronto also helps identify abnormalities and symptoms early on which aids recovery rates. 

General Dentistry Toronto Ontario
That’s not all.

We also offer cavity treatments, extractions and emergency treatments along with restorative options such as crowns, bridges, implants and veneers. Our team of dentists is trained to treat all members of your family including young children and older adults. Find out more about our effective general dental care options including teeth whitening, braces, mouthguards and composite bonding. 

Our treatment, provided by Dr. Soll and the Central Dental Group team, is designed around achieving this goal and going the extra mile to keep you in good oral health. We take a Complete Health Dentistry™ approach to care, beginning with a comprehensive oral examination and oral cancer screening. We are proud to offer patients from all over Toronto care customized to their needs at our midtown dental clinic, which is located conveniently at Yonge and Eglinton.


The Comprehensive Oral Examination

We assist our patients in achieving their oral health goals via our Comprehensive Oral Examination. Through this exam, we are able to better understand, monitor and protect our patients’ smiles. 

The dental exam involves a detailed evaluation of your teeth, lips, gums, cheeks, neck and jaw. Our dentist will carefully assess your oral cavity for signs of tooth decay, abnormalities or plaque buildup. Depending on the results, we may suggest further diagnostics such as 3D imaging or x-rays to highlight any hidden problems under the surface.

Regular dental exams are very important for early prevention and treatment of gum disease, cavities, oral cancer and other ailments. We recommend the Comprehensive Oral Examination for all new adult patients and for existing adult patients every three to five years, or as needed based on changes in oral hygiene or health.

It’s a good idea to take your children for regular dental exams as well — we suggest bringing children for their first dental exams at the age of one. This not only helps introduce them to their dentist from an early age, but also helps identify any problems with development of baby teeth or dentition.  

Dental exams are usually followed by professional cleaning, which helps eliminate stubborn plaque and tartar that can cause teeth to decay if left unaddressed. Our dentist and hygienists will use hand-held instruments to scale off deposits, leaving your teeth looking healthy and clean. We also administer local numbing gels or anesthetic for patients who experience heightened sensitivity. 



There are several points covered in the 90-minute oral examination:

Medical History

During your initial visit, we will discuss the use of any medications or supplements, tobacco and alcohol use, as well as any dental and medical history, including any adverse or allergic reactions you or any family member have had to anesthesia.

We will also make note of any changes in oral or general health, including medications, health concerns, hospitalization or surgery. We will also update records accordingly when performing examinations on existing patients.


Full Physical Examination Of Teeth, Gums, Head And Neck

The visual examination of teeth and gums provide us with information that will alert us to problems such as cavities, bite issues and gum disease. A check of all hard and soft tissues involves also assessing the functionality of jaw joints by evaluating movement, as well as palpation for tenderness in the jaw or joints.

Gum health is assessed through physical examination of color, texture and connection to teeth. Using a probe, your dentist will measure multiple areas between each tooth and gum tissue. Gum health will also be evaluated through the assessment of tooth mobility and the presence of bone loss, if any.

The bite is also assessed, with notation made of spacing issues as well as concerns such as overbite or underbite.


Oral Cancer Screening

Screening for oral cancer in Toronto includes the palpation of lymph nodes in the head and neck. We examine all areas of the mouth, including the inner and outer lip area, cheeks, behind the molars, the hard and soft palates and the floor of the mouth. 

Over three-quarters of oral cancers are detected visually and manually. We believe in giving our patients the best potential for early detection via the Comprehensive Oral Examination. Oral cancer screening is recommended on a yearly basis and can easily be performed at all regular dental visits.


Digital X-Rays And Digital Photographs

New patients of Central Dental Group will receive a full set of digital x-rays. Existing patients will receive select digital x-rays as needed. X-rays allow us to quickly detect abnormalities to oral structure that we would otherwise be unable to see. Showing us a clear view of teeth and bone, x-rays give us the most comprehensive data from tip to crown, including irregularities in bone and gum tissue, cavities and more.

At Central Dental Group, we use state-of-the-art technology for non-invasive, safe and high-precision diagnostics. Thanks to modern dental software, we are able to identify, diagnose and treat problems early — which is instrumental in preventing pain and trauma at a later stage. 

Visiting your dentist for regular dental exams helps bring potential problems to light and saves you from spending money on expensive and complex treatments. Untreated dental and gum issues can cause serious problems with oral and overall health.

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