Dental Crown Procedures in Midtown Toronto

Dental Crown Procedures in Midtown Toronto

If you’re looking for safe dental crown procedures in Toronto, Central Dental Group offers a state-of-the-art range of dental crowns personalized for fit, colour and size. 

Dr. Soll and the rest of the Central Dental Group team are proud to provide their patients with the best possible solutions to their dental concerns. Using dental crowns, we help our patients from the Greater Toronto Area accomplish both functional and cosmetic improvements to their teeth.

How are Dental Crowns Used?

A dental crown may be referred to as a “cap.” This type of restoration covers the entire tooth and may be used for a number of purposes, such as implant restoration, aesthetic improvement, or protection. In the past, it was common to use metals like gold to cap broken, chipped, cracked or discolored teeth. Nowadays, dental crowns are made of durable materials like composite resin which are popular due to their resemblance to natural tooth structure.

Contact us today for further information regarding cosmetic treatments to replace missing teeth, treat tooth decay and cover tooth discolorations. Our friendly experts will work closely with you to create a flexible and convenient treatment plan and update you regarding procedures, benefits and costs. 


Benefits Of A Dental Crown Procedure

Cracked, missing or crooked teeth can be the source of various problems. They can result in unbalanced bite force where other teeth are forced to take on the additional strain of chewing.  Missing teeth can also lead to rotation or shifting of other teeth to fill in the empty space, which can cause sagging of your cheeks or result in a slack-jawed appearance. 

Left untreated, cracked or weak teeth may become painful or infected at a later stage. Dental crowns not only result in aesthetic improvements — they also play an important role in optimizing your oral health. 


One of the primary purposes of a dental crown is to fortify a tooth that has been weakened by damage or injury. A tooth with a large cavity or an old filling may have lost a great deal of strength through structural damage. Bonding a beautiful porcelain crown over the tooth prevents further damage by absorbing the brunt of the force delivered when chewing.


Aesthetic Improvement

Teeth that have been chipped, cracked, fractured, broken, or discoloured from the inside-out can be transformed with the placement of a well-designed crown. A crown provides an alternative to bonding or porcelain veneers to disguise a number of imperfections.


Implant Restoration

Dental implants are a form of tooth replacement. The actual implant is a tiny post that is inserted into the jawbone in a simple procedure that is performed with local anesthetic. After the implant has become fused with bone tissue in the jaw, a beautiful crown is affixed to the upper portion to replace the missing tooth.


High Quality Materials

We have acquired a new digital scanner that now takes impressions for crowns and veneers for ease of preparing and designing dental crowns. Our dental crowns are fabricated in a reputable dental lab, by master ceramists with years of training and experience.

Those ordered by Dr. Soll are made with durable porcelain material that looks so much like natural enamel that the untrained eye cannot tell the difference. For many years, metal crowns were simply covered in porcelain. Today, however, it is possible to achieve long-term results without the inclusion of metal.



What Can I Expect During A Dental Crown Procedure?

As with any medical procedure, it’s understandable to be curious about what to expect. Central Dental Group strives to make every visit as stress free as possible and our staff will explain any procedure you need with you in detail. In general, this is what you can expect from a dental crown procedure:

  • You will likely require two appointments: one for us to take digital impressions of your teeth and prepare for the crown and a second appointment to implant the crown.
  • At your first visit we will ensure the tooth is a good candidate for a dental crown, file it down to an appropriate size and take measurements of your teeth to send to our ceramists.
  • At Central Dental Group we use a state of the art scanner to get digital impressions of your teeth, which is far more comfortable than using traditional impression materials.
  • Before you leave your first visit, we will give you a temporary crown to protect your tooth until your permanent crown is ready.
  • Once our ceramist lab has prepared your ceramic crown, it’s time for your second visit.
  • At your second visit, our dentists will remove your temporary crown before positioning and cementing your new crown.


Will The Dental Crown Procedure Hurt?

We use a local anaesthetic to numb your tooth during the procedure. Getting a crown does not need to cause you pain or anxiety, so you should always be sure to let us know if you are uncomfortable during the procedure so we can make it as easy as possible for you.

For a few weeks following your dental crown implementation you may experience some discomfort near your gums. This can be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers.


How Much Does A Dental Crown Cost?

The cost of a dental crown can vary depending on a number of factors, including the condition of your teeth and gums, the size of the crown and if multiple crowns or other procedures are required. We are happy to discuss candidacy for crowns during a dental checkup or consultation. We quote all costs before treatment, with no hidden fees.

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If you have teeth that are getting in the way of your most beautiful smile or that have been damaged or weakened, you can learn more about the benefits of dental crown treatment in the Toronto area. Dr. Soll is proud to provide outstanding care to patients from Yonge, Midtown and surrounding areas. Call our office today at (416) 789 1372 or fill out our online form to schedule your visit with the friendly Central Dental Group team.