Teeth Whitening Dentist in Midtown Toronto

The discolouration of teeth is something that most people experience at some point. Though teeth naturally change color with time, no one relishes the idea of showing a dull, yellow smile. To remedy the problem of discolouration, we provide our patients with options for teeth whitening that work around their schedule and expectations. When you want your teeth professionally whitened, you want to go to the best cosmetic dentist around, and in Toronto, that’s Dr. Jordan Soll.

Teeth whitening treatment is one of the most conservative ways to makeover the smile. It is also one of the most commonly performed cosmetic services. In keeping with our commitment to excellence, Central Dental Group performs dentist supervised teeth whitening for our patients. Using the Zoom White Speed advanced whitening system, we deliver results that are not only immediately stunning but that hold their value for months at a time.

The Zoom White Speed Light Activated system is the only in-office treatment in which the intensity of light can be adjusted to the individual patient. This variable setting feature allows us to achieve outstanding results with maximum comfort. Lighten up to eight shades in a single visit at Central Dental Group!

The Forever White Program™ in Toronto

As one of Toronto’s best cosmetic dentists, Dr. Soll’s team always gets the best results for his patients. As such, our practice has been designed to achieve the goals of our individual patients. In the area of teeth whitening, we are proud to offer patients the opportunity to keep their smile shining by participating in our Forever White™ Tooth Whitening Program. When you partake in this program, you will receive a home whitening kit each year that you receive recommended hygiene cleanings (every six months).* The Forever White™ program is available to all new and existing patients. If you have visited Central Dental Group and received Zoom in-office whitening from us, you are enrolled in this program automatically.

*To remain active in the Forever White™ program, hygiene visits must be maintained every six months. No exceptions. We are happy to make new trays if necessary for a cost of $25. Program is not transferable. If you prefer to receive whitening with the Zoom system from our teeth whitening dentists in our Toronto office, you may do so at a reduced cost.

Get A Smile, Give A Smile Program

Dr. Jordan Soll has been an ongoing supporter of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, and has arranged for the donation of a portion of every in-office whitening procedure to this organization through the SickKids Foundation. When you whiten your teeth at Central Dental Group, you can feel great about your improved smile and about your contribution towards children in need.