Your mouth is an important feature. Not only is your smile likely to be the first thing that people notice about you, the health of your mouth can be critical to the health of your body. Keeping your mouth in top shape and well protected is important. If teeth become damaged or decayed, it’s important to have them fixed quickly.

There are several ways to address the health and strength of your teeth including, prevention procedures such as bonding or sealing, restorative procedures such as fillings or dental crowns, or, or extraction and replacement of badly damaged teeth. While many patients understand a dental filling, they may not have experience with dental crowns. Here, Dr. Jordan Soll of Central Dental Group in Ontario explains the common uses of dental crowns.

Crowns are an affordable, versatile, and strong solution for teeth that need extra protection. Dental crowns can be used for several reasons. For example, they can be used on weak teeth due to large fillings. By adding a layer of protection to the tooth, it can help prevent cracking or breaking. Dental crowns can also be used to rebuild teeth that are broken or cracked. Finally, dental crowns are used as a false tooth in bridge and implant appliances.

In addition to protecting the natural tooth or acting as a replacement for a missing tooth, dental crowns have several other advantages. First, dental crowns are made of strong porcelain material. Not only will the tooth stand up to everyday functions, like eating your favorite foods, the porcelain material mimics the appearance of a natural tooth. Therefore, no one will be able to tell that you’ve had dental work done. With a dental crown, you can get back the confident and happy smile you used to have. Finally, the dental crown offers great support and protection that can save the tooth. Without a crown, a tooth that is damaged could break again and not be able to be saved. The dental crown can help a patient avoid extraction.

Dr. Soll is pleased to offer dental crowns as one of his many restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. At Central Dental Group, patients can trust that the entire team is focused and committed to ensuring excellent and respectful dental care. For more information, call our office today.