Best Toronto General and Family Dentistry


A comfortable chair, appropriate lighting, and excellent service. Does that sound like that coffee shop on the corner where you slip away on a busy afternoon? Maybe. But it’s also the atmosphere at Dr. Jordan Soll’s general and family dentistry office in Toronto.

Dr. Soll is a dentist who approaches his practice differently. Patient care is the top priority and the entire Central Dental Group team know that the patient experience includes patient comfort, as well as the treatment.

Our services start out with a focus on preventative care. We know that a happy patient is one who only needs to visit us twice a year for regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings. At these visits, we not only clean your teeth, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to thoroughly check your teeth and gums and provide education about the best at-home oral hygiene techniques. With proper preventative care, patients can avoid many conditions that would lead to needing additional services.

However, should you need to have a cavity filled, a tooth capped, an implant inserted, or treatment for sore gums, headaches, or jaw pain, you can rest assured that we will provide top-notch service with gentle and respectful care. We’ll make sure you understand the problem and the available treatment and, together, we will choose the least invasive, most effective option for your individual case.

Often, patients visit the dentist feeling apprehensive or unsure. We’ve gone to great lengths to make your visit not only comfortable and pain free, but also pleasant. In addition to ensuring that we are punctual for your appointment, we also offer free wireless internet and ensure that everyone in our office treats you with kindness and respect. Additionally, should you need multiple procedures or have a high level of anxiety, Dr. Soll offers sedation options to lessen your fears.

Whether your visit to our office is for preventative care, a restorative treatment, or to improve the appearance of your smile, your care will be tailored to fit your needs. We know there’s a whole person behind those teeth and your overall health is important to us. Call today to learn more about the practice, Dr. Soll or his approach call our office today to schedule your first appointment.

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