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Comprehensive oral examinations can ensure your mouth, teeth, and gums remain as healthy as possible. Teeth cleanings are one of the many ways the dental team at Central Dental Group in Toronto can keep your oral, as well as overall, health in excellent condition. We recommend x-rays to detect issues that may go unnoticed with the unassisted eye. During our comprehensive oral examinations, we check the bite, gums, teeth, and soft tissues. We utilize innovative technology for our oral cancer screenings.

A vital component of our comprehensive oral examination is education. We believe patient education is empowering. The Canadian Dental Association recommends the following tips for keeping the smile healthy.

  1. Keep your mouth, teeth, and gums clean. It is important to use a soft-bristle toothbrush and brush your teeth at an angle. Wait at least 20-30 minutes after eating before brushing your teeth. Flossing every day can ensure that you remove food and debris that can become trapped between the teeth and the gums.
  2. Check your mouth regularly. Signs of gum disease include red, puffy, sore, shiny, or sensitive gums; bleeding when brushing or flossing; and chronic bad breath. Signs of oral cancer include open sores that do not heal, red or white patches, and numbness or tingling. It is important to see the dentist promptly if you identify any of these signs.
  3. Eat well. Good nutrition helps build strong teeth and gums.It is critical to limit foods and beverages containing carbohydrates and sugars. Nuts, cheese, vegetables, and non-acidic fruits are healthy snacks.
  4. See the dentist regularly. Regular dental examinations and professional cleanings are the best way to prevent and detect problems before they become worse. Forty-eight percent of Canadians who have not seen a dentist in the past year suffer from gum disease.
  5. Do not smoke or chew tobacco. Smoking and chewing tobacco can cause oral cancer, heart disease, gum disease, and a variety of other cancers.

The team at Central Dental Group is committed to helping you keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy. Schedule a consultation with us by calling (416) 789 1372.

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