Dentist Supervised Whitening Toronto


Our teeth play a large role in the beauty of our smiles. Therefore, it is important to keep them pearly white. Gorgeous smiles not only attract others to us, but give us the confidence we need in life. As we smile confidently, our bodies release endorphins. Smiling boosts our mood and our overall quality of life. When smiles are dull, there is no reason to fret. Dr. Jordan Soll is a highly sought after cosmetic dentist in Toronto who offers dentist-supervised teeth whitening at Central Dental Group.

We live in a world full of choices. We can go to the local drugstore and buy a teeth whitening kit or visit a respected dentist such as Dr. Soll for teeth whitening. The primary factors to be weighed are cost and safety. Dr. Soll and our team offer teeth whitening at a reasonable cost and work with patients to receive treatments best fitted to their needs and lifestyles. Our treatments provide long-lasting results.

Dentist-supervised teeth whitening is a safer method for several reasons. Patients meet with Dr. Soll to discuss their smile goals and have a treatment plan tailored to meet their individual needs. The right treatments will be recommended to deliver the smiles they desire. We offer two safe and effective options – in-office whitening procedures and at-home whitening trays. We take every precaution to ensure the gums, eyes, and face are protected before performing the in-office procedure.

We utilize the Zoom White Speed Light Activated System to remove stains caused by the consumption of certain foods and beverages. We can adjust the light intensity to meet the needs of the patients. We ensure the whitening gel is carefully placed on the teeth to deliver excellent results. Our whitening trays are customized so they fit precisely when whitening the teeth at home. With either method, patients can count on much brighter smiles.

With dentist-supervised teeth whitening, patients will receive special instructions to keep their smiles as white as possible. Those who have the in-office whitening procedure will be enrolled in our Forever White™ Tooth Whitening Program. This means they will receive whitening trays as long they visit us for professional teeth cleanings every six months. To explore a safe and effective method for keeping your smile bright and beautiful, call Central Dental Group at (416) 789 1372.

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