What do people notice when you smile? Is it your charming personality or discoloration and stains on your teeth? If you’re like many people in Ottawa, you want a bright smile. Dr. Soll can help you achieve and maintain a sparkling smile,

it’s important to understand how discoloration and staining happen:

  • Foods and beverages: If the foods and beverages that you frequently eat and drink are richly coloured, they could be staining your teeth. Try to limit eating and drinking these items. Or, if you can’t give them up, use a straw to keep the dark liquids from staining your teeth. Additionally, brushing your teeth will remove the particles of food and drink that stain your teeth.
  • Medications: Some medicines used by children can cause teeth to become discolored. Additionally, use of antihistamines and blood pressure medication can cause adult teeth to become darker. It is important that your dentist knows about any medications that you’re taking
  • Aging: Quite simply, our teeth often become discolored as we age. The outer layer of the tooth wears away as we get older, revealing a darker layer of enamel.
  • Poor dental hygiene: The same practices that keep your mouth healthy, your gums clean, and your breath fresh will help keep your teeth white. Be sure to brush your teeth at least twice and floss at least once each day.
  • Smoking: This habit is not only bad for your health; it’s bad for your teeth. The nicotine and tar in cigarettes can cause your teeth to become yellow and stained.

A bright smile is important you and it’s important to Dr. Jordan Soll of Central Dental Group in Toronto. Dr. Soll can talk to you about your options for professional dental whitening that will keep your teeth bright and white. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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